7 Reasons Why Vietnam Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

A weeklong vacation in Vietnam is enough to fall deeply in love with this country. There are just so many reasons why this place should be in every bucket list of avid travelers. If you are in doubt, we have listed 10 reasons why Vietnam should be your next travel destination.

The people

Vietnamese are easy going and approachable.

Tour guides are instructive. You can trust them to give the best tour of your life when in Vietnam. Even the staff in the hotels is truly well disposed and helpful at whatever point they could.

Great food

Food is anything but a mystery that Vietnam has the absolute best food in Asia? What shocked us was the manner by which it was opened. In numerous foodie capitals of the world you can just discover great food at a specific value point, or in a careful neighborhood, or even a particular dish.

Very affordable

Facilities are ample and fit all spending plans. Lodgings are as low as $2 every day and are better than average spots to remain. A whole extravagance condo to yourself on Airbnb is around $30 per day. With those costs, you’d imagine that you would remain in a slime bucket inn in the terrible piece of town.

Rich market

If you ever come to one of the markets in Ho Chi Minh, you would notice that most of the vendors are very beautiful ladies. You will be amazed of the ladies in full-blown make-ups and juxtaposition chopping huge chunks of meat.

Stunning natural beauty

Mother Nature took her time in Vietnam, creating gorgeous and scenic backdrops of mountains and rice fields. The flora and fauna are something that will enrich your eyes.  There are forests, rivers, streams, lagoons, and coral reefs.

Laid back aura

The culture in Vietnam will surprise you. One thing that you cannot forget when in Vietnam is how a number of people, animals, and large unusual objects can fit on a 50c scooter.

Traveler friendly

The locals in Vietnam are ultimately friendly and helpful. Many people here can speak English so it is very easy to get around even in public transport like bus, scooter, or taxi. It is also very inexpensive to get to where you need to go. The Wi-Fi is fast and widely available for free countrywide.

The Best Hotels to Stay in Scotland

Many tourists who have been to Scotland will tell you how beautiful this place is. But what is more alluring is the diversity that it offers.  Talk about the rolling countryside, bustling cities and icy mountain ranges.  With the variety of beautiful tourist attractions in the country, it becomes challenging to look for the best hotels to stay. So we have gathered some of the top hotel destinations that you might want to check out.

Old Town Chambers Luxury Serviced Apartments

This apartment is a great resemblance of a traditional Scottish vibe. You are going to love the apartment’s style and atmosphere.  Located nearby the Royal Mile just opposite of the St. Giles Cathedral, this hotel is a favorite among tourists who want to get closer to the heart of old Edinburgh. Depending on how much you can afford, there are rooms with terraces, a mezzanine bedroom, and a bedroom with a fun-bed deck.

Rock House

This hotel is not really a rocky apartment just as the name implies. Rather it is a heavenly 18th-century house built on Calton Hill. It has a courtyard garden and a surprisingly beautiful walled garden at the back. The style and character of the hotel is very traditional, bringing you the rural vibe you need to break-free from the bustle of the city. It offers a flexible accommodation and the rooms vary depending on how much you can afford.

Ballintaggart Farm

Located in the highlands, this hotel is more secluded than many other hotels in the country. If you want to visit the uplands of Sweden, this hotel is definitely a great option for you.  The place is very serene – you would love to see the green surroundings and feel the breath of fresh air.  What makes this hotel even more unique are the cooking classes held every Saturday. Throughout your vacation, you can learn how to make pasta or cook steak or soufflé.  

Inverlochy Castle

Queen Victoria once said that she has never seen a “lovelier or more romantic spot” than Inverlochy Castle and that is definitely true. Now a hotel, Inverlochy Castle is located in a secluded and serene environment of Ben Nevis. Expect the service to be formal and completely seamless. If you ever dreamt of being treated like a royal highness, this hotel will serve you well. If you have no idea what you want, the service staff does have a lot of suggestions regarding what to do in the area.